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Screening: "The Lower Plateau" • "Mahalia Melts in the Rain"

  • La Vitrola 4602 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC, H2T 1R3 Canada (map)
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Lux Magna présente/presents:

A double feature night, screening Colonelle films' short film Mahalia Melts in the Rain (2018), followed by Dépanneur Films' feature-length movie The Lower Plateau (2018).

The Lower Plateau (2018, Comedy/Drama, 1h19m)
Written/Directed by Liz Singh
A formerly successful Montreal musician trudges through the darkest days of winter, armed with a backpack full of weed and a repertoire of Alanis Morissette covers. Dogged by her ex-band mate’s new hit song, Jaine mourns the loss of her career, her band and her self respect. In the heart of the city’s independent music scene, the snow covered Plateau, Jaine encounters both allies and obstacles, including her best friend-slash-roommate Mari, her married ex-lover-slash-manager David, and her charming new customer-slash-potential love interest, Darren. When a glittering opportunity in the Emerald City of Toronto threatens to lure her into a shiny new life, Jaine struggles to sever old ties.
Her ex wants her to move on, her mom wants her to move to Toronto, her best friend wants things to stay the same forever, and her clients just want weed, but Jaine has other plans.

Mahalia Melts in the Rain (2018, Drama, 12 minutes)
Written/Co-directed by Carmine Pierre-Dufour
Co-directed by Emilie Mannering
Mahalia, a timid 9-year-old Black girl, feels different from the other girls in her ballet class. Hoping to boost her confidence, her mother brings her to the hair salon to get her hair straightened for the very first time.

Portes: 19h / Projection: 19h30
$5 NOTAFLOF [Billets/Tickets]
Instagram / Twitter: @luxmagnafest


La Vitrola se situe malheureusement au 2ème étage (il y a 41 marches au total). Les toilettes sont de genre neutre et ne sont pas accessibles aux fauteuils roulants. Toute personne désirant une assistance pour accéder à notre salle peut nous contacter. C'est avec plaisir que nous tenterons de répondre au mieux à ses besoins.

La Vitrola is unfortunately located on the 2nd floor (41 steps total). There are gender neutral washrooms which are not wheelchair accessible.
Anyone needing assistance accessing our space can contact us as we are more than happy to try and accommodate people to the best of our ability.