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LIP ⨯ Lux Magna

  • La Sotterenea 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC, H2T 1R5 Canada (map)

Lux Magna presents:


Frankie Teardrop
Frankie Teardrop is a DJ, producer, and promoter in Tio'tia:ke (MONTREAL). Founder of party series LIP & co-founder of Slut Island Festival.

Ace Dillinger (TO)
Amidst the Toronto music scene, lies a world of creative individuals who are transcending the experience of nightlife sound, Ace Dillinger is one of them. Emerging into the music scene only a few years ago, Ace has a knack for story telling that is prevalent in her mixes. Her great ability to read crowds allows her to takes her selections from House to Baile Funk to Club and mixes nostalgic Hip Hop & R&B seamlessly. Playing some of Toronto’s biggest parties; JERK, High Power, YesYesY’all, RUDE and festivals such as Wayhome, Inside Out, Field Trip, TIFF has lead to her DJing most recently in NYC (2018). With events like PRIDE, Toronto Fashion Week & Long Winter under her belt, she has become apart of a growing circuit of local DJ’s, which has given her opportunities to play in different provinces (Winnipeg, Vancouver & Quebec). Sharing good vibes and great music is exactly why you know you’re in good hands when Ace is on the bill.

Happy Material

oflym is currently studying interactive media at Concordia University with a concentration in music, sound and video production. Inspired by the relational aesthetic of music spaces and with a fondness towards spooky tracks, they build atmospheres that can startle ravers with different genre; goal is to feel the waves.

$10 NOTAFLOF [Tickets/Billets]
Twitter / Instagram: @luxmagnafest


The Sotterenea (La Sala Rossa) is located in a basement (there are 22 steps total). There are gender neutral washrooms which are not wheelchair accessible. Anyone needing assistance accessing our space can contact us as we are more than happy to try and accommodate people to the best of our ability.

La Sotterenea (La Sala Rossa) se situe au sous-sol (il y a 22 marches au total). Les toilettes sont de genre neutre et ne sont pas accessibles aux fauteuils roulants. Toute personne désirant une assistance pour accéder à notre salle peut nous contacter. C'est avec plaisir que nous tenterons de répondre au mieux à ses besoins.


LIP reconnaît que le festival prend place sur des terres volées, le territoire traditionnel des Kanien’kehá:ka. Les Kanien’kehá:ka sont les gardiens des portes est de la confédération Haudenosaunee. L'île appelée « Montréal » est connue sous le nom de Tio’tia:ke dans la langue des Kanien’kehá:ka et a historiquement été un point de rencontre pour d'autres peuples autochtones, incluant les peuples algonquins.

LIP acknowledges that it takes place on stolen land, on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka. The Kanien’kehá:ka are the keepers of the Eastern Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The island called “Montreal” is known as Tio’tia:ke in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and it has historically been a meeting place for other Indigenous nations, including the Algonquin peoples.