Five Tips To Remove Wildlife Animals Safely

With human development decimating wildlife habitat, newly formed urban areas are now home to a significant wildlife population of skunks, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and mice. City dwellers are concerned about this wildlife invasion and are increasingly turning to various wildlife removal organizations for assistance. Animal Control Burlington, for instance, removes wildlife in the area without harming any animals. The teams use various methods to remove animals from human settlements safely. It is therefore important to choose a wildlife removal company carefully that fulfills all important qualities a good organization must have. You can find the full list here.

Use caution when dealing with the following methods

There are a few wrong methods of wildlife removal that can pose unintended consequences and make the process more difficult. The two methods of wildlife removal mentioned below are very popular but are considered inefficient and inhumane. Ensure that your chosen company avoids these practices and performs safe wildlife removal.

Trapping and relocating

The Ministry of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act states that it is illegal to trap and relocate animals since it may cause them undue stress. The animals will likely be injured during their attempts to escape the traps. Leaving them unattended for a long period can also lead to heat strokes or frostbites. Starvation and prolonged exposure also pose a threat to their lives.

In addition to the many disadvantages, illegal trapping can cause, relocated animals may have difficulty adjusting to their new environments. The animals may have to find water, food, and shelter and be involved in territorial disputes. Therefore, the Ontario SPCA Act considers that trapping wildlife animals is an act of cruelty.

Poisoning can also be harmful

Although many may consider poisoning the easiest method of getting rid of wild animals, it may be the worst for animals and humans alike. Poison is said to be acutely toxic and can harm animals and other animals in the food chain. The prolonged exposure to these poisons can be harmful to humans and household pets as well.

You must therefore hire a wildlife removal company to accomplish the job safely rather than engaging in inhumane methods of wildlife removal from households. Their services make the whole process easy, as well as guarantee that no animals are harmed. You should check the following qualities in a wildlife company before finalizing one.

Five must-have qualities to look in a wildlife removal company

Experience: As each animal requires a unique approach to be handled, the company you hire must have the experience to deal with any situation that may arise. You should hire a company that has a proven track record.
Referrals: Recommendations from your friends or acquaintances can be a good way to find a good company. Google reviews and social media referrals also provide great options in this sphere.

Inspection: Wildlife intrusions vary for different animals. An experienced provider should identify the species involved by analyzing the den site, location, date of the year, and other variables to determine what the best course of action should be. Inspecting the site thoroughly can help determine the type of wildlife intrusion. A wrong interpretation of the situation can end up in the wrong removal method.

Written guarantee: The technicians must inform you about the processes involved after determining the best plan for animal removal. Written guarantees are a good way to tie up the deal.

The humane approach of removal: It is imperative that the hired company works by the local SPCA’s rules and uses humane removal methods. Ensure that their hands-on removal techniques reduce the stress on animals and paves the way for their safe removal.

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