Meet our Lux Magnet Musicians

Get to know our Lux Magnets participating in the music sub-program, preparing to perform at Une Soirée de Collaborations en Musique Expérimentale tonight. We talked to them before the start of the program, and checked in with them again just before their debut, to see how they've evolved in the program:

Lydia Beaulière


Nom: Lydia Beaulière

Age: 18

Profil d'artiste: Je suis pianiste/chanteuse. Je me considérais comme étant une artiste en quête de découvertes, à la recherche de défis qui enrichirons mon bagage artistique. 

Lux Magna Picks: En ce qui concerne les artistes qui se produiront lors de la soirée du 28 janvier, j'anticipe grandement le moment où Catherine Debard (YIangYIang) occupera les planches. Celle-ci, d'après quelques lectures, partage l'expérience humaine au-travers l'approche organisée et spontanée de ses oeuvres: autrement dit, par de la musique semi-composée et semi-improvisée. Selon moi, cette approche ne peut mieux exprimer l'authenticité humaine. Cela étant dit, cette vision artistique m'interpelle beaucoup et j'ai bien hâte de découvrir ce qu'elle proposera musicalement, dans quel univers elle compte nous transporter.

Ce que tu espères apprendre au long du programme: Au courant du programme, j'espère pouvoir acquérir certaines connaissances au niveau historique, en savoir plus sur les origines de la musique électroacoustique. Également, j'aimerais pouvoir trouver ma voie au travers ce domaine et, ainsi, m'inciter à sortir de ma zone de confort et poursuivre ma quête artistique.


Sara-Claudia Ligondé

Photo: Mariel Rosenblüth

Photo: Mariel Rosenblüth

Name: Sara-Claudia Ligondé (a.k.a. Little Death)

Age: 21

Artist profile: Singer and songwriter, aspiring guitarist and bassist. I sleep lots, eat more and do anything music related in-between.

Lux Magna Picks: Here for everybody Black and queer but looking forward mostly to aloof hipster's DJ set, Hua Li's performance and Lucas Charlie Rose's two performances!

What you hope to learn during the program: Hopefully any and everything there is to know about electroacoustic music.

Meeting the artists, creating their piece, and what they learned

Sara C    with     Kee Avil         during the first Lux Magnets session

Sara C with Kee Avil during the first Lux Magnets session

Mags (mentor): Our first meeting was with Vicky Mettler (Kee Avil). We began practicing making voice and guitar loops to get a feel for live creation. Sara really enjoyed her time with Vicky while they were experimenting with different effects and exploring the possibilities. The following week or so with met with Catherine Debard (YlangYlang) to set up shop in her home studio and created an awesome piece through Ableton, keys, vocals and two loop pedals. Catherine particularly helped all of us loosen up and realize that everything and anything can be music if you twist the right knobs.

Sara C: Lydia and I met last Thursday to rework the piece we made with Catherine. The session was so good! And... we decided we were going to freestyle on Sunday and forget this track. We just might keep the synth bass line but since we'll have all the gear, why not? We spent so long trying to chop and adjust whatever we created last time, that just doing the live thing would be best; we can just set up the necessary pedals, etc. Mags is excited, and we are too lol it's gonna surprise all of us.

Lydia    and     YlangYlang     creating a loop

Lydia and YlangYlang creating a loop

Lydia: Ce fut, certes, une expérience super enrichissante, un réel plaisir que d'avoir pu côtoyer des artistes talentueuses aux idées aussi distinguées et inspirantes !!!

Au départ, je me lançais dans ce projet comme dans un gouffre total en quête de réponses et de savoirs. Somme toute, j'ai pu rapidement réaliser que dans le domaine, en particulier en ce qui attrait à la musique électroacoustique, celle-ci est une quête constante, sans fin, ou, dirais-je, un amalgame de trouvailles et découvertes en perpétuité. Enfin, de constater que c'est une aventure sans fin m'a pas mal plu franchement!

Pour terminer, l'électroacoustique est probablement «l'avenir artistique» selon moi et, sincèrement, je sors de cette expérience avec l'urgente envie de pratiquer cette forme d'expression et d'y rester; rester dans ce gouffre badass de l'avenir.

Merci Lux!


Mags (mentor): Overall, I think we all went into this program with a very open mind and no real idea of what to expect. And I find this to be incredibly fitting in the spirit of experimental music. I find that as young women, especially young Black women, it's very important for us to feel like we can express ourselves through music not tied to a specific trope or label, and that experimental music can look like many different things.
I was also impressed with how much knowledge the girls already had coming into the program. As for myself, I fall into the category of musician/producer that can make and mix the music, but not really know how to read sheet music, or know all the proper technical terms in electronic music. The first instinct is to think that you aren't good enough or you succumb to Imposter Syndrome. But a quote I came across not too long ago has perfectly encapsulated the vibe of this experience, and the general feeling of any experimental musician:

"They can't say you're wrong if they don't know what you're doing."

The Lux Magnets open for Fillesharmoniques and Les Yeux tonight at La Sala Rossa, 6:30pm, $10 NOTAFLOF